Artist explains story behind powerful parenting sketch that went viral

A sketch produced by a young artist has rapidly gone viral after recently taking to the internet. The bold and thought provoking image has stunned the public with it’s powerful connotations. Artist behind the piece is Jenna Simon, 28, of Princeton, New Jersey and is speaking out, describing in detail the meaning behind this captivating composition.


Jenna Simon, an actor and artist who creates graphite pencil drawings, explains that the sketch is based around a mother verbally shouting at her child. The young artist reported to ABC news that she created the sketch in order to raise awareness of mental abuse.

Simon expressed how she arrived at the concept after seeing a digital image of words surrounding a child’s head in an anti-abuse campaign online. She took on a personal approach whereby she recreated a similar image using words that had been hurtful to her as a child and drew an adult in the illustration. She expresses, “I was looking to try to draw something that depicted the fact that just because someone doesn’t lay a hand on you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt”.


Drawn from personal experience, Jenna speaks out about her private battles; “I’m a long-time eating disorder survivor”. Having suffered mental abuse herself and endured a vicious personal journey, Jenna now thrives in art. The motive behind the image acts in accordance to mental abuse and creating awareness around the issue.

The powerful image is certainly an eye opener. A captivating image with deep connotations. What are your thoughts?