Baby’s head pops out of his mother’s stomach unaided during natural C-Section

A doctor has recorded the amazing moment a baby is born unaided via a natural C-section.

baby heads popping out

The footage was recorded by doctor Frank Lugo who works at the Cenfer Clinic in Venezuela where he oversaw the procedure.

Unlike a typical C-section, where medical professionals remove an infant, in a ‘gentle C-Section’, doctors guide the baby to make its own way out of the womb.

The procedure is supposed to make the birth more emotional for the parents and as close to the experience of vaginal birth as possible.

baby being born 2

In the video from the Centro de Fertilidad Clínica Lugo the baby can be seen pushing its head out of its mother’s womb completely unaided. Warning: Graphic content.

You can see more pictures and videos on Jham frank lugo’s Instagram