Katie Price campaigns to make online bullying a criminal offence and to create a list of offenders after disabled son Harvey suffers vile abuse

Katie Price has made it her mission to get justice for victims of online abuse and wants to take it all the way to Parliament.

The mother-of-five has highlighted the malicious and sickening abuse that her disabled son Harvey suffers regularly by launching an online petition to make it a criminal offence for online trolls to spew their bile at people online.


The petition is called: ‘Make online abuse a specific criminal offence and create a register of offenders’ and has been shared by other celebs including Rebekah Vardy and Stacey Solomon.

Katie, 38, wants there to be serious repercussions or penalties for those found guilty of bullying others online.

‘Trolling is a major problem in this day and age. People of all ages and backgrounds suffer every day, including my family – especially my son Harvey. I have tried my best to expose people and even had two arrested but nothing was done and there were no repercussions or penalties for this behaviour,’ she said.

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‘This does not affect just high profile people it affects everyone from every walk of life from young children, teenagers, people at work, husbands and wives. This abuse includes racism, homophobia, body shaming and a whole range of other hate speech.’

She added: ‘This petition is an important topical issue and I want it to help bring justice to everyone who has ever suffered at the hands of trolls. Help me to hammer home worldwide that bullying is unacceptable whether it’s face to face or in an online space.’

The signatures have been climbing at a rapid rate since it was launched and is now over 94,000. If Katie’s petition reaches 100,000, it will then be considered for debate in Parliament.

If you feel strongly about this subject and have experienced it yourself, or know someone who has please sign here.

Source: metro.co.uk