Minutes after leaving the womb newborn baby starts to walk

A newborn baby in Brazil began starting to walk just several minutes after she was born and is now been compared to Stewie from the popular cartoon, Family Guy.

Babies don’t usually begin to walk until they’re about 12 months old, however this little girl had other plans.

babyCredit: YouTube

As the doctors tried to bathe the newborn baby girl, she started to wriggle around and attempt to walk on her own.

One of the nurses said in Portuguese: ‘Oh my gosh, the girl is walking. Good gracious.’
Another colleague shouted ‘Ju, Ju, come and see this’.

A midwife said: ‘Merciful father. I was trying to wash her here and she keeps getting up to walk. She has walked from here to here.’

The baby displayed signs of The Walking Reflex which the midwife admits is quite common in newborn babies.

The walking reflex is part of what are known as ‘primitive reflexes’. It’s an infant’s nervous system kicking in before the mind or the body has grown to understand or cope with what is going on around them.

Other patients in the hospital said: ‘Wow, she is so cute it’s amazing. If she’s like this now, I can just imagine how precocious she is going to be as she grows up.’

What an amazing story! See Video here.

Credit: YouTube

Source: The Metro