Mum Issues Warning After DIY Slime Left Her Daughter With ‘Chemical Burns’

A mum has warned other families about the dangers of allowing your children to make slime when unsupervised, after a product in the recipe left her daughter with ‘chemical burns’.

Rebekha D’Stephano from Cheshire, shared photographs to her Facebook page of her daughter’s hands covered in blisters and redness, after she made the slime at home.

D’Stephano said her daughter, DeeJay, had been watching YouTube tutorials on how to make the ‘Unicorn Slime’ or ‘Tie Dye Slime’ and wanted to make some herself.

unicorn slime

So the mother bought DeeJay all the necessary ingredients, however, just three weeks later they were facing plastic surgery on DeeJay’s hands from a burns department at the hospital.

D’Stephano said that it started with blisters, then DeeJay’s skin peeled, and later appeared as chemical burns.

Warning other parents, she said: “Do not let them do this! There are no warnings on these YouTube channels at all.”

Adding: “We are not sure [what caused it] but the detergent is an activator in the slime recipe. She might just be 1 in 1,000,000 but she has never had skin allergies before.”

D’Stephano did not list the ingredients that she bought in the original post but in the comments she told concerned parents that she had used laundry detergent mixed with glue, as specified in the YouTube tutorial.

Dr. Helen Webberley, GP for Oxford Online Pharmacy, told HuffPost UK: “Avoid using laundry detergent or other household cleaners- alternatively get your children to wear rubber gloves so that the mixture doesn’t come into contact with bare skin.”

You should also avoid using Borax, a salt of Boric acid that appears as a white powder and becomes colourless when dissolved in water. This has previously been flagged as being dangerous for children making slime.

If you want to make slime for your children, without laundry detergent or Borax, then all you need is clear PVA glue, water and salt. There are a few added extras including food colouring and glitter that are optional.