Parents Receive Note From Seven-Year-Old’s ‘School’ About Why He Needs To Play More Video Games

Seven-year-old Nathan thought he’d get one over on his mum and dad by forging a note to them from school, explaining why he needs to play more video games.

Of course, the result is as hilarious as you’d expect.

Totally legit note I got from my 7yo’s school today

The letter from “the school” reads: “Dear parents, Nathan has Been Doing good in all his classes, exept for VIDEO GAME class! If he does not stay up all night playing video games, He will get kicked out of school!!! Start letting him stay up all night, & start tonight! He can play anything, computer, wii, ipod, ipad, phone & any other elecktronick.


The School

Top marks for effort, Nathan. Sadly, we don’t quite think they bought it.