Parents slammed for sending child to school with cold McDonald’s Happy Meal as packed lunch

The parents of a child at Byron primary school in Gillingham, Kent have been criticised for sending their child to school with a cold McDonald’s Happy Meal as their packed lunch.

Staff at the primary school marked down the parents for packing the ‘extreme’ and ‘worrying’ lunch for their youngster.

The McDonald’s Happy Meal had been bought the previous evening.


And it wasn’t just those parents who were shamed.

Another child was sent to school with a chocolate cake, chocolate bar and a chocolate sandwich as their lunch. Another was packed off with just two bags of crisps and a crisp sandwich.

crisp paked luncg

Other pupils were given yogurts, a packet of Smarties and chocolate muffins as their lunch.

yoghurt packed lunch

The sinful treats were highlighted in a newsletter sent out by headteacher Jon Carthy last week.

He wrote: ‘In the past few weeks there have been a number of worrying packed lunches brought into school.

‘Whilst extreme and funny to read on paper, I must make this clear THESE ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE examples of a balanced packed lunch.

‘Children work very hard at school and a balanced meal at lunchtime helps provide concentration for the afternoon.’

He reminded parents of government guidelines for packed lunches which include one portion of fruit and vegetables or salad every day, meat, fish or a source of non-dairy protein, oily fish and starchy foods such as bread or pasta.

Mr Carthy added: ‘If we feel as though any child is not getting a regularly balanced meal, we will contact you and offer you advice.’

A mother of a pupil at the school posted a picture of the letter on social media with the caption: ‘Never thought I could be so appalled yet so amused at the same time.’

She said: ‘I found it shocking, more than anything, that some parents think that it’s acceptable and it is clearly a reflection of their diets too.

‘We’ve all woken up in the morning and realised we don’t have stuff for packed lunch or money for school dinners but surely there was something else in the cupboards.

‘And, McDonald’s Happy Meals cost more than school dinners anyway. The school is clearly trying to educate the parents which I think is brilliant.’

Source: National News