Toddler Smiles & Giggles as he is released from locked car

After accidentally locking himself in his mother’s car by activating the central locking system whilst his mother loaded the car with shopping, little Brandon Green had to be released by firefighters.

Members of the public quickly jumped in to help and called the fire service to help unlock the car.

However, despite the drama, the 14 month year old toddler was unfazed and found the whole situation rather amusing.

toddler in car

Brandon Green beamed on at his rescuers whilst they opened the vehicle using small tools.

Mum Kirsty Green later posted on Bude Community Fire Station’s Facebook page, thanking the crews for all they did.

“Thank you to the amazing guys who rescued my cheeky monkey after locking himself in the car today at Bude Lidl!!”
“He was clearly traumatised by the whole ordeal.”