Children are undoubtedly a gift and joy, however raising them isn’t always a walk in the park. To help you along, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite parenting hacks that are sure to help guarantee a smooth and tantrum-free home life. We aimed to cover everything from games, to practical help so take a look at the selection we’ve gathered and don’t forget to share with your friends and fellow parents by clicking the tabs at the side of this article. Have a parenting hack of your own? Let us know by clicking the Submit tab at the top of the page!

1) Fill a glove with beans to make a silent escape when your little one has finally drifted off to sleep.

Bean Glove

2) Use a straw to remove the stems of strawberries before treat time.


3) Add sprinkles to everything – it’ll help kids eat the foods they wouldn’t normally like.

Add Sprinkles To Everything

4) Add a fan to mattress cover to make a quick, easy and thrifty child’s fort!

Box Fort Fan

5) Invest in a baby shower cap to make bath time easier.

Baby Shower Cap

6) Bathe your baby in a basket to keep their toys from floating away.

Baby Basket Bath

7) Give kids your old mobile phone to stop them playing with yours.

Nokia 3310

8) Use a cupcake case to catch all those ice lolly drips.

Muffin Case Ice Lolly

9) Make an impromptu hammock for your child using a table and a sheet.

Kids Table Hammock

10) Get your children involved with the household chores by turning them into a game.

Chores Into A Game

11) Is your child afraid of something? Create a spray that’ll ease their worries and solve all those imaginary monster problems.

Monster Spray