12-year-old boy flies alone to Bali after his parents cancel their family holiday

Australian police are reviewing how a 12-year-old boy travelled alone to Bali, following an argument with his parents after they cancelled their family holiday to the Indonesian island.

The boy, from Sydney, booked flights and accommodation online using his parent’s credit card and then flew to Bali via Perth, presenting only his passport and school ID.

Australian authorities said the boy was found in Bali on 17th March after being reported missing nine days earlier, after he left home and failed to turn up to school. They did not say how many days he was in Bali.

He had used a self-service check-in terminal in Sydney to board a flight to Perth and then a connection to Bali, the Nine Network reported.

The boy said he was questioned only once by airline officials in Perth.

“They just asked for my student ID and passport to prove that I am over 12 and that I am in secondary school,” he said on the A Current Affair programme.

“It was great because I wanted to go on an adventure.”

So how was this able to happen?

“A travel alert to prevent international travel was not placed on this boy,” a spokesperson said.

All airlines have procedures that allow minors to travel on their own, but requirements vary between carriers”, said aviation operations expert Dr Chrystal Zhang from Swinburne University.

Police are now reviewing the circumstances of this case to make sure that similar incidents do not happen again.

Source: BBC