A three year old boy has been left with blisters and burns despite having worn factor 50 sun lotion.

After purchasing what he believed to be a factor 50 suncream from the popular discount store, Poundworld, Darren Roberts used the product on his 3 year old son whilst he played in the garden on a summer’s day.

However, it was apparent the product had failed the little boy after he woke up the next day with sever sunburn.

Darren said he applied the European American Designs Sunscreen Lotion every ten to 15 minutes as his son played in a paddling pool outside.

‘It wasn’t a particularly hot day, just a normal summer’s day,’ said the father-of-two, who is from Shotton in Flintshire.

After noticing the sunburn, Darren took Liam to Holywell Community Hospital to be treated.

‘He was in so much pain he wouldn’t let us touch him and at one point we had to sit in bed with him to hold him up.’

A spokesperson from Poundworld has stated: ‘We’ve been in touch with Mr Roberts so that we can investigate.
‘Product quality and safety is of primary importance to us at Poundworld and we have alerted our supplier, EAD, about this issue.

‘We hope that Mr Roberts’ child makes a speedy recovery.’

Source: Metro.co.uk