Ashleigh Miller Cross, from Canada experienced the shock off her life while she was shopping one day on the 28th April 2017.

The mother, who gave birth to her first child in August 2016 wasn’t aware she was in fact pregnant again until she began experiencing contractions whilst doing her weekly grocery shop.

And to document her surprise in a very fitting way, local photographer, Jen Matchett , did an adorable newborn photoshoot.

Ashleigh headed to the toilet in the store where she eventually gave birth.

The assistant manager, Malcolm Comeau, heard screaming coming from the bathroom so went to help.

He recalls: “I opened the door and Ashleigh was there and the baby was halfway out.”

“She just screamed at me, ‘I’m having a baby!’”

Thankfully for Ashleigh, the store had a medical facility.

She was rushed there and a doctor was present when Miller-Cross gave birth to her son, Ezra.

“I really had no idea [I was pregnant],” the mum told CBC News.

“I presumed I hadn’t lost any weight because I only had Mia 10 months ago. I didn’t grow any extra. I was just the same size. I didn’t have any cravings.”

The store has donated a year’s worth of nappies to the mum.

Source: Huffington Post