After their mother sent in a picture of her daughter’s bedroom, calling it ‘absolute carnage’, Faith and Grace Wilkins from Marsden, West Yorkshire, aged just 5 and 7 were awarded the crown for the UK’s messiest bedroom!

The twenty-three year old mother, Kay says: ‘The photo is of my daughter’s’ bedroom, after I refused to clean it’.

‘As much as it’s killing me not doing it, I won’t cave in. They need to learn – needless to say it’s not bothering Grace and Faith at all.’


The competition was organised by Huddersfield based store ‘Time4Sleep’ and the pair even won a free bed for their bombsite bedroom.

However the 2 sisters aren’t the only ones who have won a prize for their carnage.

In April a competition to find the country’s dirtiest student house shocked and appalled audiences in equal measure.

Nineteen year old, Brittani Cooper was handed the dubious honour of living in the dirtiest student digs in the country.


The student had some stiff competition, but pictures showing the house she shares with five housemates won the judges over.

student house

She even bagged herself a £500 cash prize.

‘I decided it was worth entering with some images of our very messy kitchen, and now I’m so happy I did.’ Says Brittani.

Source: Metro