Jack Beckett, 12, was almost blinded when he was thrown from a fairground ride into a safety gate at the Poulton Gala funfair in Lancashire.

He also suffered a fractured skull when his head became trapped in the barrier.

Jack was at the fair with brother Charlie, 13, and some friends when the accident happened on a Tagada-style attraction which sees riders sit in a spinning bowl fitted with hydraulic bouncing.

When paramedics arrived Jack begged for pain relief and told them that he wanted to sleep before he was airlifted to hospital.

Jack was flown to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Merseyside where he went for an operation to treat a fractured skull, displaced eye socket and broken hand, which lasted almost four hours.

He remains in hospital and doctors are monitoring his vision after surgeons battled to restore blood supply to his right eye.

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His mother, Caroline, from Blackpool, was told he would have to have a plastic cap fitted to keep his right eyeball in place for the rest of his life.

She said: ‘He is so lucky. Judging by the descriptions, it does not even bear thinking about.’

She is now calling for the ride to be permanently shutdown following the horrific incident.

Caroline says that there were no restraints accompanying the boys on the ride and that riders have to cling on to a circular railing around the side.

‘Jack was injured and his friends were screaming for the ride to stop. I have received hundreds of messages from complete strangers about what happened.

‘I don’t know how long he had been on the ride when he was flung. He ended up on his knees and his head became lodged in the gate where they lock the ride.

‘I’ve been told that two of his friends got up and started pulling Jack out of this gate, screaming for the ride to stop.

‘Other adults attracted by the screaming had to intervene to stop the ride.’

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said officers were called to the fair shortly after 5pm and the ride was stopped ‘immediately’.

Police and investigators from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are now looking into the exact cause of the accident amid conflicting reports.

Roger Critchley, treasurer of Poulton Gala’s committee, said the fairground operator was brought in to run the annual fair – and had public liability insurance.

He said: ‘There was a first aider on site but she did not know there was an incident until the off-duty medic got there first.

‘There was an issue where people did not know who it was, so she could not get there fast enough.’ At future events, all fairground staff will be briefed on who the first aider is, he added.

A spokeswoman for the HSE said officials were ‘aware of the accident and making initial enquiries’.

Two inspectors are understood to have visited the site yesterday afternoon (Mon).

Source: metro.co.uk/ Images: Ross Parry