Surgeons are warning of the deadly risks posed to children by Button Batteries. The worrying increase of cases concerning children who have swallowed button batteries has stunned surgeons at Great Ormond Street children’s hospital who claim these incidents have caused severe injuries and in some cases, fatality.


If swallowed accidentally, small round button batteries can become lodged in the oesophagus and burn a hole in it’s lining. This can entail various life threatening complications.

Three year old, Valeria from Northern Ireland was just one of many to face the brunt of this accidental disaster after playing with a watch at her home.

The little girl is left with permanent damage after the battery became stuck in her food pipe and she began being sick and refusing food.


It was not until five days later that an X-ray showed she had swallowed a battery, by which time it had burned a hole through her oesophagus and windpipe.

After a gruelling 9 months of specialist treatment and surgery, Valeria faces a lifetime of difficulty eating and drinking and internal complications.

Worryingly, Valeria isn’t the only to face similar consequences. A steady stream of cases are appearing in children’s hospitals across the UK, with records showing at least 1 per month.

Catharina Sanos of just 18th months, too swallowed a button battery after playing with some weighing scales in her bathroom. It wasn’t until her mother realised the battery cap was missing she rushed her to the hospital.


Doctors removed the battery about three hours after it had been swallowed, but it had already burned through to her windpipe. Surgeons will perform complex surgery to try to repair the damage.

Cases of button batteries becoming lodged in the nostrils and ears are too seeing an increase. Again, these types of incidents can cause lasting and severe damage.

Chief Executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust, Katrina Phillips said: “Button batteries are everywhere in our homes, in many products that appeal to children. “But very few parents know about the danger they pose”.

It is essential parents are aware of the dangers Button Batteries pose to their child’s health & well being and are taking action accordingly to prevent these fatal incidents. With Christmas on it’s way and lots of new toys requiring batteries, these shiny little discs can look appealing for youngsters to swallow!

Source:The BBC