The High Courts will hear new evidence in the case of terminally-ill baby, Charlie Gard later today.

Charlie is thought to be one of 16 children in the world to have mitochondrial depletion syndrome.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital has referred the case to the court after new data from foreign healthcare facilities has been reported.

After several unsuccessful attempts to save their little boy’s life, the parents have handed over a 350,000-signature petition calling for him to travel to the US for treatment.

Researchers at two international healthcare facilities said they have “fresh evidence about their proposed experimental treatment”.

Ms Yates says the children at Great Ormond Street are all on treatment and her son isn’t so he deserves that chance too.

However, Doctors have said he now cannot see, hear, move, cry or swallow and has irreversible brain damage. His lungs are only able to keep going because of the treatment he is receiving.

The treatment is not a cure – there isn’t one – but it has been suggested it could reduce the effects of the disease although doctors in the US have not seen cases so advanced as Charlie’s.

US President Donald Trump and the Vatican have supported the parents’ campaign for Charlie to be treated abroad, but a leading expert has described interventions from high-profile figures as “unhelpful”.

“I don’t know what we’ll be like if we lose him but we’ve just got to keep on, we can’t think about that.”

Mr Gard said: “If we won the court case and we got to America, and then within the first week of treatment he started suffering and he was in pain, we would let him go.

Mr Justice Francis is due to hear fresh submissions on Monday afternoon.

Source: The BBC