A mother has praised a £3.99 eczema cream which she bought from Boots and claims it has worked miracles on her daughter’s skin within just a week.

After spending 2 years visiting dermatologists in search of a cure for her daughter, Evie-Rae’s eczema, 23 years old Paige Sweeney couldn’t believe the quick transformation.

The 3 year old’s condition became so bad, she would wake up every night and scratch herself until she bled.

After exploring all option, Paige found the Child’s Farm Baby Moisturiser in her local Boots store costing £3.99.

To her shock, the eczema had disappeared within just 1 week.

And now, 3 months on, Evie remains eczema free after continuing to use the ‘miracle’ cream.

The little girl has suffered with eczema from birth and has used a variety of antibiotics, steroids and creams, none of which have worked.

The mum has since taken to Facebook to share her daughters dramatic transformation which has now been shared over 30,000 times.

See Full Facebook Post Here.

Paige now claims the NHS ‘could save a fortune if they put it on prescription’ because of how good it is.

Source: The Metro