Morrisons has become the latest supermarket chain to be criticised by parents for selling sexist clothing.

Mum Shelley Roche-Jacques was left shocked when she was walking through a Morrisons store and saw a boy’s t-shirt with the phrase ‘Little man, big ideas’, next to a girl’s top that simply featured ‘Little girl, big smiles’ on it.

Another example was a t-shirt saying ‘King of the castle’ versus a girl’s one that read ‘pretty little me’.

After posting the message on Twitter, Shelley received several responses from other concerned parents.

Morrisons responded to Shelley on social media, saying: “Sorry you feel this way! I’ve fed this back to our buyer for review. Thanks for raising this.”

A spokesperson for the supermarket told The Sun: “Girls t-shirts with slogans like these are very popular with our customers – there are also girls t-shirts with ‘I want to be a rock star’ and ‘girl power’ messages in store now.”

Alleged sexism within clothing was also pointed out recently by Debbie Dee when she saw the phrase ‘Boys will be boys’ printed on a jumper while shopping through Asda.

The mum posted a picture on Facebook saying: “Quite literally gobsmacked and raging to see this in Asda Huntly! This is so damaging we cannot possibly still be spouting this nonsense to our children.”

While young Daisy Edmonds went viral after going on a two-minute-long rant last year about how the clothing offered by Tesco was sexist.

She was upset that boy’s clothes would feature words like ‘Hero’ and phrases like ‘Think outside the box’, whereas girl’s clothes would have ‘Beautiful’ and ‘I feel fabulous’ written on them.

Daisy said: “It’s unfair because everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous. I think that’s wrong because why should boys and girls clothes even be separate because we’re just as good as each other.”

The video, which was filmed in Swindon, Wiltshire, has since racked up an amazing 2.1 million views.

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