A mum who believed her son suffered chronic car sickness has discovered he was actually been stabbed in the back on every car journey by a spike in his car seat.

For 18 months, the concerned mother couldn’t understand why her little boy would have tantrums every time he was strapped into his car seat.

Nichola, the boys mum said: ‘We just thought he was acting up at first. But eventually, I went to Boots to see if I could get some car sickness medicine because he was sick a few times.

Being too young to be able to express himself, the mother soon realised what the problem was after her son had a red mark on his back after being in his car seat without a top on one summer’s day.

The parents admit at first they thought it was a bee sting before they found the plastic spike that had been digging into his spine.

Mother, Nichola admits: ‘I just feel sick thinking about it. It’s really affected me emotionally. I think the worst thing about it is thinking about the risk we’ve put him at.‘We’ve been on holidays to places like Cornwall and Wales. We’ve literally been up and down the country with him.’

The family got in touch with the retailer and after waiting for two weeks for a reply they went straight to the manufacturer’s, Britax.

Britax responded to the family and asked them to send the offending seat back to them so that they could examine it.

Nichola said: ‘Ever since we’ve started using another seat the problem has just gone away. He loves car journeys now.’

The car seat was repaired and sent back to the family but both parents say they refuse to use their products again.

A spokesperson for Britax said: ‘Safety is our number one priority and the quality of our products is key to our company.

‘We can confirm that we recently investigated an issue with one of our Prince car seats following a communication received from a consumer.

Source: Metro