A recent study of 2,000 mums and dads has revealed the daily worries that push parents to the edge.

Getting kids to bed, doing the weekly food shop and meal times have been named the biggest stress triggers for parents, with results showing that trouble with kids can cause parents to feel anxious or stressed for up to 40 minutes a day.

Bath time, getting homework finished, keeping screen time to a minimum and getting home on time to wish your little ones goodnight are also high up on parent’s list of stresses, with knowing the right foods to feed children and successfully getting out of the door on time also featured on the list.

All these challenges have also proven to take longer once you have kids too, with little ones adding up to 14 minutes onto each simple task, putting you behind all day long.

The study also revealed some of the most common antics children get up which include: drawing on walls, carpets, their friends and the dog, covering themselves in paint, food or makeup and climbing into unusual spaces like the dog’s bed, the dishwasher and the laundry basket.

It was also revealed that parents spend eight days of the month feeling like they need a little break or some ‘me-time’, but as parents, I’m sure you can all agree, that we rarely actually take the time we need to relax. However, by taking the time to de-stress and focus on yourself you’ll probably find yourself becoming more patient and relaxed, making it easier to manage the kids- creating a more stress-free home life for everyone.

There are also tons of parent forums out there where you can go to rant to other parents, as well as useful tools like BPme – an app that allows customers to pay for their fuel without leaving their car – something a third of parents said they struggled with the most.

And, although 82% of parents said their offspring were naughty when they weren’t looking, two-thirds of parents talked of moments where they found their kids’ behaviour more funny than stressful- a great way to look at the cheeky antics your children get up to rather than getting worked up (although we know it is often easier said than done.)

We’re sure most of you parents out there can relate to these daily stresses, but despite all the chaos and havoc your little monkeys cause each day, I’m sure you will all agree that you wouldn’t change them for the world and they’re worth every single second of the stress!

Go easy on yourselves, remember we’re all struggling, and don’t worry about it, you’re doing great!

Source: www.independent.co.uk