Parents could now be facing fines of up to £240 if their child is consistently late to school.

School and councils across the UK have extended penalties from absences and term time holidays to cases of lateness.

School’s in the West Midlands, Hampshire and Essex have already began implementing the fines.

Wessex County Council states that a Fixed Penalty Notice (FNP) of £120 per parent per child is issued if a child is frequently late.

This means some families could face a whopping £240 fine – however the FNP is slashed to £120 if it is paid within 21 days.

Failing to pay the fine could lead to prosecution.

Warwickshire County Council also warned parents they will face fines if their children are regularly more than 30 minutes late or turn up after the register has been taken.

Parents also run the risk of being fined for leaving their cars running whilst they drop their children off at school.

Proposals for “no-idling zones” to be introduced outside schools, hospitals and care homes have being discussed in a bid to cut down on pollution.

Westminster City Council is one of those to already have introduced them, with officers able to issue motorists on-the-spot £80 fines.

Source: The Sun