Parents have been left outraged by a baby sleepsuit on sale at B&M bargains with a slogan they claim trivialises rape.

And, it’s not the only one of it’s kind being sold. A number of babygrows featuring disturbingly sexual references have been found online from retailers like Amazon and Etsy.

One babygrow that has particularly riled Mumsnet users has ‘All mummy wanted was a back rub’ emblazoned on the front.

User jarhead123 uploaded a photo of the babygrow under the heading ‘Am I being unreasonable to think this baby grow is awful?’, starting a huge debate over the message of the outfit.

Many parents commented on the post outraged at its suggestion of non-consensual sex.

‘That’s really gross and so disturbing at the same time,’ wrote one.

‘Might as well put the baby in something that says “I’m the by-product of rape”.

Another said: ‘Apart from the grossness of sex references on kids’ clothes, this actually seems to be saying that someone was raped!? Horrific’.

And this isn’t the first incident of its kind.

Mumsnet parents have been sharing similarly crude baby outfits which feature slogans like:

‘Proof my dad sucks as pulling out’, ‘All daddy wanted was a blowjob’, ‘My dad is a
motherf*****’ and ‘Hung like a six-year-old’.

Another user shared an image of a t-shirt branded ‘Daddy’s little squirt’ with a cartoon picture of a sperm.

There was one lone voice of calm amid the outrage, which accused other parents of being too sensitive.

‘Does no one here realise that they are meant as gag gifts. They do not make it seem like the mother was raped. Regarding the comments about the type of person who would buy them, I’m a professional in my 30s with two degrees.’

What’s your opinion, are these babygrows hugely inappropriate or simply products of a harmless joke? Leave your comments below.