An on-duty postman believes he was ‘ambushed’ by a group of 5 year old children who squirted him with water pistols as he delivered mail.

Five year old Cody Harvey and 2 of his friend were squirting one another when a post van arrived. Cody said ‘squirt him’, so they turned their pistols on two postmen.


However, the postman was far from amused and CCTV footage shows the man taking the water pistol from the young boy and throwing it in the back of his van before driving off.

According to Cody’s mum, one of the postmen returned fire with elastic bands.

The boy’s mother, Leanne Jeremiah, 29, said the gun was later found by the village shop owner, dumped in a bin.

View CCTV footage here:

After watching the footage, Leanne says: ‘He grabbed his arm and swore at him and called him a “f***ing b***ard” and then ripped the gun out of his hands.

She continued: ‘Why he didn’t just come and see my mum if he had a problem I don’t know.’

Cody was shocked by the incident but was more devastated about losing his favourite toy.

The mother states that: ‘They were probably being cheeky but he is only a child at the end of the day. The man shouldn’t have responded like that. He is representing Royal Mail after all – he shouldn’t be doing stuff like that. They were just boys being boys and having fun.’

A Spokesman for the Royal Mail said: ‘Royal Mail expects the highest standards of behaviour from our staff whilst out on deliveries and this is not acceptable behaviour. We have apologised to the customer and will be sending her a cheque so she can buy her son a new toy.’

They also commented saying they’re dealing with the matter internally and confirmed that the employee in question will no longer be delivering to Leanne’s street.

Source: Metro