So this isn’t the typical troublesome 2-year-old tantrum you’re probably used to hearing! It’s a princess tantrum at it’s finest filled with all the hippest slang.

The articulate toddler, Mila expresses her fury after her mum sent her to Preschool when she stated she wanted to go to Law School to which her mum responded: “No Mila, you’re only two”. Adorable.

The tiny blonde doesn’t mince her words as she describes her first day that left her ‘shook’.

The diva ish rant continues with a mix of sassy hand gestures and facial expressions where the tot rolled her eyes and insisted that “the teachers are shady, kids are insane…”.

Mila’s hilarious, furious fit is making waves on the internet as it reaches over 1,200 retweets in just a matter of hours.

And it seems that this isn’t the first time the feisty blonde has shared her opinion on camera.

Mila and her two-year-old twin are quite the pair on social media and have caught the attention of thousands who want to listen to their sassy rants!

See their Facebook page here:

Source: DailyMail