In recent weeks a ‘scary clown craze’ has emerged with hundreds of videos and pictures being posted on social media of scary clowns frightening people all over America and now the UK as well. It’s quite clear many people are taking this as a joke and with Halloween approaching I’m sure we’ll see plenty more scary clowns walking the streets, however is it being taken too far? Above is an example of how scary these clowns look.

A women has reportedly gone into premature labour after being scared by a teenager dressed as a scary clown. According to an anonymous post made on Facebook, the baby arrived a month early after a teenage boy jumped out in front of the expectant mother in Whitwick, Leicestershire.









The post was followed by a series of angry Facebook responses, with many calling on the teenage clown to be arrested.

Not only are the clowns jumping out on people they’re also chasing victims with knives and have even been reported to have chased mums and children on their way to school.

Georgia Kitching, 18, was with her two-month-old daughter and her brother and sister, aged between nine and 12, in Llanelli, South Wales, when a clown jumped out holding balloons and ran towards them.

It may be a funny joke to many however these clowns are seriously scaring their victims and are potentially putting innocent people’s lives in danger, including mothers, babies and the old and vulnerable.

Let us know your thoughts, have you ever seen one of these clowns?