As we know, many pupils have recently embarked on a new year of school. For some pupils, their first day didn’t go as they had planned.

Students attending Kepier High School in Houghton-le-Spring began their day lined up at the school gates to check if their uniform was correct.

Some pupils failed the inspection and were consequently sent home for wearing trousers in the wrong shade of grey.

Parents have been told that only clothes of a particular colour and bought from one supplier are allowed.

About a dozen pupils were sent home, with others barred from classes.

“I got a phone call within two minutes saying: ‘Mam, they’re not letting us through the school gates’ says one parent.

“When I got down there were a load of children actually lined up having their uniform checked.

Head teacher of the Wearside school Nicky Cooper said: “We are very, very particular about the uniform because we need consistency right across the board.

“In doing so some learners were sent home.

“If you have different types of trousers it leads on to different types of shoes, different types of shirts, etc.”

Luke Bramhall, from the Children North East charity, said: “Instead of focusing on discipline and punishing students for having the right uniform, what is important is for schools to understand what each individual child and their family is going through and how they can help in difficult circumstances.”

The Department of Education said schools had a duty to provide and recommend uniforms that were the best value for money.

Source: The BBC