You’re in a mad rush and need to get to the supermarket quick. The car park’s full – what do you do?

Well if you’ve got kids with you then you’re sorted. You can swing on by into the parent-and-child space and be on your way.

But if you don’t have kids, you’ll have to think of other options. Because you could soon be fined £25 if you’re caught parking in one of those spaces.

Up until now, these bays are rarely patrolled so it’s easy to stop off for a minute or two and not have to worry about returning to a hefty fine.

There’s a limited threat of council traffic wardens too because they can only issue fines if people break the rules in council-run car parks or on-street areas, not on private land.

Yet there has now been calls for an on-the-spot fine of £25 if people are caught parking in parent-and-child spaces without children in the car, and it’s even been supported by a number of motorists.

According to a survey by, 10% of motorists would back a temporary ban from the supermarket for repeat offenders.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, told The Sun: ‘Parent-and-child parking at supermarkets is a hot topic and often creates strong opinion…

‘…as demonstrated by our survey results which show most people want some sort of punishment for motorists who use supermarket parent-and-child parking spaces when they shouldn’t be.’

Motorists have also complained of people who misuse disabled bays and electric car charging spots.

A spokesman for the AA told the paper: ‘Some supermarkets already fine drivers who abuse mother and baby parking spaces.’