Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, Mother of two, Sophie Mein Len admits she chooses to sleep with her children every night whilst she breastfeeds them.

The mother says breastfeeding her five-year-old daughter Jasmine, and younger two-year-old helps to strengthen their bond.


Husband Chris, therefore, sleeps alone in the bed which they once shared whilst Sophie sleeps with her children allowing them to latch on and feed whenever they please.

Online critics have slated the parents saying they’re doing this for themselves.

Credit: Facebook @MammaMeiBlog

However, keen parenting blogger Sophie and husband Chris defend their stance on breastfeeding and admit they’re just doing what’s best for their children. The mother states, “I just went with the flow of what my girls need”.

This controversial issue is being widely discussed both online and in the media, but what’s right and what’s wrong?

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Source: ITV