Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Wizardy Gift Box

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Oooo😍! Know any Harry Potter fans at home who would LOVE this box filled with Wizardy treats this Christmas🤓⚡️😋🍬?



This fantastic gift box contains the following…

  • 1 x Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans (34g)
  • 1 x Harry Potter Chocolate Frog (15g)
  • 1 x Harry Potter Slugs (59g)
  • Jelly Spooky Pumpkins 50g
  • Jelly Spooky Witches 50g
  • Jelly Skulls & Crossbones 50g
  • Jelly Spooky Devils 50g
  • Jelly Zombie Fingers 50g
  • 1 x Jelly Snake 50g
  • 1 x Harry Potter Vintage Movie Trading Cards*  (Unopened and very collectable)
  • *Each pack contains 6 cards, contents may vary

CAUTION: These jelly beans may look alike but they could not taste more different from each other.

Banana – Black Pepper Booger – BlueberryCherry – CandyflossDirt – CinnamonEarwax – EarthwormGreen Apple – GrassRotten Egg – MarshmallowLemon – SausageTutti-Fruitti – SoapVomit – Watermelon

Ideal Gift Idea for any Harry Potter Fan.


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