Prosecco Pong Party Game


The Prosecco Pong Party Game is now BACK IN STOCK!! 💁🏼 Grab it quick before it sells again! 🍾A great adult party game for the festive period 



Prosecco Pong is THE must-have party game everyone is talking about. Inspired by traditional table tennis, this game is Beer Pong for those who prefer a delicate glass of bubbles. The kit includes all you need for a fun party game for a group or simply play one on one. Rules of the game are as follows: two teams stand at either end of a table and line up the 12 plastic cups with Prosecco (or your preferred beverage). Each player takes it in turn to throw a ping pong ball into one of your opponents cups. If the ball lands in the cup, your opponent drinks whatever is left in the cup. The winner is whoever makes their opponents drink all their cups first. Who will be last player standing?


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