Slush Puppie Drink Machine Gift Set

£75.00 £59.00

WOW😆! They now have a Slush Puppie Machine gift set😱😋!! Know someone who would LOVE this for #Christmas? I think i want one🙋🏽 also have a code for new customers to get 20% off using code: WWYL9 too!




  • It’s a hot summer’s day and you need to cool down. What better way to do just that than pouring out a glass of genuine SLUSH PUPPiE® slushie from your very own Slush Puppie Drink Machine in your own home. Now you can finally have this iconic machine in your home!
  • This bumper pack of SLUSH PUPPiE® goodies includes the machine, cherry red syrup and straw cup – everything you need for the ultimate slushie experience!



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